Writing 201, Poetry – Day 10

The last day.  I just knew it would be a bloomin’ sonnet… and ‘Chiasmus’ what the…..!!! Ben Huberman sure knows how to set a challenge.  Anyhoo… it would be churlish not to give it a go.  The theme for today is ‘Future’.

Before I start though, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in writing 201 – it’s been a blast, and this final poem (sonnet or not) is for you cruel lot!

To be honest, I’ve no idea if this really counts as a sonnet or not, but hey ho…

And so to the future…

I feel so sad on this the final day
of themes and challenges that stretched my thoughts
verse and rhyme that left my mind macramé
and tied my tongue in never-ending knots

Wittily challenged, challenged wittily,
Each sunrise came with devious demands
Devices and words spewing awkwardly
From unobliging pen in clumsy hands

But slowly, slowly with encouragement
From distant friends within the common web
My courage soon replaced embarrassment

And now my pen is sweeping ‘cross the page
Broad strokes of rhyming rhythm in its wake
more learnèd now I bow from this great stage

Writing 201, Poetry – Day 8 ‘drawer’

Today the prompt is ‘Drawer’ and the poem should be in the form of an Ode (in praise of something or someone) using the poetry form Apostrophe (no, not one of them, but it’s a term that means a poem that speaks to an individual).

Right ho then.

Well, I’m a day late. I spent a long time yesterday morning working on some verses ’til my mind was drowning in mediocre metaphors and sinful similies.  The resulting ‘poem’ turned out to be utterly awful and actually quite a bit ‘off piste’ too. So it’s been abandoned (stuck in a drawer) I’ll go back to it another day and when I eventually finish it it will delight you with its wonderful wordsmithery and melodic meter. In the meantime, well….

I can only apologise….

An Ode to my Knickers

You’re not big bloomers or tiny thongs
Just Marks and Spencer cotton ones
You give my bum a soft embrace
Without the need of frills or lace
You smooth my contours, hide my flaws
What would I do without you drawers?

My muffin top would surely flop
above my trendy trouser top
There’d be a draft about my aft
I’m sure my rear would get quite chaffed
But with the help of your elastic
Oh dear drawers, I feel fantastic!

Writing 201 Poetry – Day 7

Today’s challenge is to write a piece of ‘prose poetry’ using assonance, with the theme of ‘fingers’.

Phew, got something of my chest here….!!

The Uninvited

You entered with your sticky fingers, inviting yourself to view my life.  You saw me through your strangers eyes.  My family, my face watching from the frames, while you walked past touching, taunting, terrorising. Past the sofa where on winter nights we huddle and cuddle while watching crime dramas on TV where the likes of you are shot and killed by dedicated and determined men. Up the stairs past graduation photos, you begin to know us, know our story, who we are, our minor glories. Rummaging, rampaging, through private rooms where love thrives. Tossing children’s toys aside in ways which children never ought. You pick, you choose, you take. You take my memories, you take my keepsakes, you take my security.  You callous individual with your sticky fingers, did you think I would forgive?

Writing 201- Day 6

Well today’s challenge proved a toughie for me.  The theme was ‘Hero (or heroine)’ so I’ve gone a bit literal, using the myth of Hero and Leander (yes, I know it’s been done far better by the likes of Christopher Marlowe, but hey, it’s all I could think of).  We were tasked to write a ballad using Anaphore or Epistrophe (or both) which is a fancy way of saying starting, or finishing, a line with the same word, hence the rather weird construction of this poem!! Anyhoo, here it is, all very sad…. 😦

The Tragic Love of Hero and Leander

In myth, ‘tis said, the priestess Hero,
in summer found her love.
In nights warm blanket
in lamp-lit secret
in so-cold sea he swam,
in the darkness climbed her tower, and
in her chamber she succumbed, ‘til…

In rough waters, despite endeavor,
in confusion he was lost.
in her anguish, weeping Hero,
in the water joined Leander, who
in that darkness rest his head, so
in drowning joined forever,
in tragedy they bound their love.

Writing 201 – Day 5……’When I’m Bored’

I’m a bit late with this, and I apologise for not taking this challenge completely seriously. Friday’s prompt was ‘Fog’ and the poem was to be written in the form of an elegy (longing) using metaphors.  Errmm…this is what I came up with..

When I’m Bored

Through the fog of tedium
My thoughts turn to you
You dusky seductress
Wrapped in silver sheets
Waiting to melt at my lips

I cannot resist your call
Though you lead me
to this fattened state
I’m ready to accept my fate
I’m yours,oh perfect chocolate

Writing 201, Poetry – Day 4 ‘Silver Surfer’

Well, today we’ve been tasked to create a ‘concrete’ poem using the prompt ‘Animal’ and enjambment.  Concrete poems use the words to make the shape of the subject or just as a visual nudge. I’ve had a bit of a giggle fiddling and twiddling in Word to try and achieve the desired effect. Its a bit short and sweet, but I think it worked ok (for a first attempt anyway 😉 )…can you tell what it is?


Silver surfer

Writing 201 Poetry – Day 3

Today’s prompt is ‘Trust’ and we’re charged with writing an acrostic poem, using internal rhymes. I enjoyed writing this, but I do find my writing becomes much clumsier with such constraints.  However, it’s good practice and I’ve given it my best shot!


Drugged high, I watch and wait for your touch
Entrusting my life to you, your
Presence has become my essence
Existing in this space where only your face
Needs to be
Desolate, I lay shivering and sheet-bound
Expecting the cold breath of death
No power to move, yet
Caresses of your warm hand calm me
Escape is futile, still, in you I trust.

Writing 201 poetry challenge – day two!

Today’s challenge is to write a limerick on the theme of a journey using illiteration.

I admit I’m not liking this challenge much but…

’bout lim’ricks little I know
But I thought that I’d give it a go
‘litteration is hard
‘cos I’m not quite the bard
So I’m sorry it’s very so-so

boom boom….!

Here are a few of my attempts. Won’t win any prizes… ;-(  Take your pick!

Whilst travelling North on a train
A woman was heard to exclaim
Posh people beware
If you don’t pay full fare
There’ll be tea instead of champagne


Travelling through night on a Boeing
You can’t really see where you’re going
But if you get some shut eye
While through dark skies you fly
Miles will melt without you quite knowing


There was an old woman who travelled
Wherever she wandered she paddled
in bare feet she splashed
while her knickers she flashed
‘til she no longer walked she just waddled


I’m thinking of entering a show
Though I’ve got little talent I know
a ‘journey’ seems fun
like a day in the sun
So I’m willing to give it a go.

Writing 201 – the poetry challenge day one!

Today’s challenge is to write a Haiku on the subject of water using similie.  I’ve written three on the same theme. I know which I think is best, but it would be lovely if you’d let me know which you favourite!


The spectre of death
Hovers over the village
Without fresh water


Where fresh water runs
The dark sponge of long-dry soil
Turns to abundance


To sip at a cup
Of cool water from a stream
Is to taste lifeblood