me and drinkHello there!

Things you should know:

  • I used to work for a living, but now I’m happily and busily retired
  • I’m English
  • I’m a cup half full sort
  • I am silly and I laugh a lot
  • I dance when I’m on my own
  • I love a gadget
  • I’m quite bendy ‘for my age’
  • I may be wrinkly on the outside but inside I’m still a child
  • I view the world in wonder
  • I have no religion but I am spiritual
  • I abhor injustice
  • I am not afraid of death
  • I am afraid of spiders

Self belief has never been a strong point, so sharing my rambling, random thoughts, as well as short stories, verses and photos was a big leap. I hope you enjoy them.

By the way, I expect you’ll be relieved to know that none (well, very very few) of my poems or stories are autobiographical. Mostly they are inspired by things I’ve read or seen on TV. 🙂

24 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kaye, not everyone is brave enough to know when to quit and make that big change in their life. I am happy for you that you did 🙂 Thanks for taking out time & following my blog!

  2. I can really identify with a lot of your points, though I do like spiders. I’m on the glide path to not working, having decided voluntarily three years ago to cut back to three days a week. It freed me up to realize that there is a whole lot more to life than work.

  3. What is a bendy? I can only picture those bus I used to take when I was in Europe 🙂 just kidding … I like your site title Rebooting (life after leaving work) that’s a whole new life ahead of you.
    Thanks for dropping by my site and following me, love to see you in my network.

    • Hehee…I was just referring to me 😉 I practice yoga and am fairly flexible (though not as ‘bendy’ as I’d like) ‘for my age’ In my sixties so quite proud of my head to knees!! Thanks for the follow back 🙂

  4. Here’s a follow back at you. I’m really enjoying poking around your blog. Some of your photographs are publishable. Gorgeous. It’s obvious you have the patience to wait for the right moment. Brava!

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