Writing 201 Poetry – Day 7

Today’s challenge is to write a piece of ‘prose poetry’ using assonance, with the theme of ‘fingers’.

Phew, got something of my chest here….!!

The Uninvited

You entered with your sticky fingers, inviting yourself to view my life.  You saw me through your strangers eyes.  My family, my face watching from the frames, while you walked past touching, taunting, terrorising. Past the sofa where on winter nights we huddle and cuddle while watching crime dramas on TV where the likes of you are shot and killed by dedicated and determined men. Up the stairs past graduation photos, you begin to know us, know our story, who we are, our minor glories. Rummaging, rampaging, through private rooms where love thrives. Tossing children’s toys aside in ways which children never ought. You pick, you choose, you take. You take my memories, you take my keepsakes, you take my security.  You callous individual with your sticky fingers, did you think I would forgive?