Writing 201- Day 6

Well today’s challenge proved a toughie for me.  The theme was ‘Hero (or heroine)’ so I’ve gone a bit literal, using the myth of Hero and Leander (yes, I know it’s been done far better by the likes of Christopher Marlowe, but hey, it’s all I could think of).  We were tasked to write a ballad using Anaphore or Epistrophe (or both) which is a fancy way of saying starting, or finishing, a line with the same word, hence the rather weird construction of this poem!! Anyhoo, here it is, all very sad…. 😦

The Tragic Love of Hero and Leander

In myth, ‘tis said, the priestess Hero,
in summer found her love.
In nights warm blanket
in lamp-lit secret
in so-cold sea he swam,
in the darkness climbed her tower, and
in her chamber she succumbed, ‘til…

In rough waters, despite endeavor,
in confusion he was lost.
in her anguish, weeping Hero,
in the water joined Leander, who
in that darkness rest his head, so
in drowning joined forever,
in tragedy they bound their love.

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