Well, he’s definitely not a stamp

Posted in response to the Daily Post weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme ‘From Every Angle – take photographs of the same stationary subject from three different angles’

Found this little chap on my Clematis just now.  He proved a perfect, uncomplaining model for this challenge!  I’m not sure exactly what type of bug he is, he could be a green shield bug* but doesn’t seem quite so ‘shield’ shaped as others I’ve found in the garden in the past. Perhaps he’s just a rugged individualist!  Anyhoo, I think he’s a cutie pie and could he look any more like a bit of leaf if he tried?

* this has reminded me – my mum used to collect green shield stamps from the grocers when i was a kid.  If you spent a gazillion pounds and collected about 200 hundred bookfuls of them you could exchange them for a toaster or something.  Happy days! 🙂



Posted in response to the Daily Post weekly photo challenge.  This weeks theme ‘Close Up

I’m glad to say we have gazillions of bees in our garden at the mo’ and they particularly like my lavender.  There are several different types, and lets face it, at first glance they all look the same, but with the help of a Friends of the Earth identification guide, I’m slowly beginning to recognise the differences. This one is a Common Carder Bumblebee (I think) which you can tell by his bouffant yellow ‘do’ and the yellow stripes that go right down to his bottom.

I’ve always rather fancied keeping a few hives, but really, having plenty of flowers in the garden has bought enough buzzy visitors in to satisfy my bee love.

You can find out about the FOE BEE CAUSE and get your own Bee Saver Kit by clicking here.

Writing 201, Poetry – Day 4 ‘Silver Surfer’

Well, today we’ve been tasked to create a ‘concrete’ poem using the prompt ‘Animal’ and enjambment.  Concrete poems use the words to make the shape of the subject or just as a visual nudge. I’ve had a bit of a giggle fiddling and twiddling in Word to try and achieve the desired effect. Its a bit short and sweet, but I think it worked ok (for a first attempt anyway 😉 )…can you tell what it is?


Silver surfer

Without the need for words…

Weekly photo challenge – express yourself

new pics summer 11 028

‘Allo..what you got there then?  On no, not that bloomin’ camera again…’

new pics summer 11 019 sukiwoo

‘Ok, I’ll pose.  Just the once, and you’ll have to remove the background, ‘cos I sure ain’t moving’

new pics summer 11 026

‘That’s enough, I’m bored now’

Happy week with Helen 223

‘You’ve played with your toy,now it’s time to play with mine!’

Who goes there?

Part of the Photo 101 challenge – today’s theme ‘Pop of Colour’

I was going to be good today and go out and about to find an appropriate photo for this challenge, but hey, it’s cold, and raining… what can I say?  Anyhoo…thought this just about fits the bill, and that it might cheer everyone up on a Monday morning.

I snapped these chaps down at our local mini-zoo, Wetlands, a couple of years ago.  I don’t know what they were looking at, but it seems mighty interesting!

Have a great day!

Happy week with Helen 248_B.