Writing 201 poetry challenge – day two!

Today’s challenge is to write a limerick on the theme of a journey using illiteration.

I admit I’m not liking this challenge much but…

’bout lim’ricks little I know
But I thought that I’d give it a go
‘litteration is hard
‘cos I’m not quite the bard
So I’m sorry it’s very so-so

boom boom….!

Here are a few of my attempts. Won’t win any prizes… ;-(  Take your pick!

Whilst travelling North on a train
A woman was heard to exclaim
Posh people beware
If you don’t pay full fare
There’ll be tea instead of champagne


Travelling through night on a Boeing
You can’t really see where you’re going
But if you get some shut eye
While through dark skies you fly
Miles will melt without you quite knowing


There was an old woman who travelled
Wherever she wandered she paddled
in bare feet she splashed
while her knickers she flashed
‘til she no longer walked she just waddled


I’m thinking of entering a show
Though I’ve got little talent I know
a ‘journey’ seems fun
like a day in the sun
So I’m willing to give it a go.

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