Moore for the Sheep

Part of the Photo 101 challenge – today’s theme ‘Landscape’

The sheep seem oblivious to the wonderful sculptures (including several Henry Moore’s) that are dotted about in the vast and beautiful landscape around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Well I couldn’t find a swarm…

Taken as part of the Photo 101 challenge – today’s theme ‘swarm’

A picture of the rarely observed swarming habit of the ‘electrical stuff that no-one remembers which bit of gubbins its for‘. These creatures are found making their nests in many homes, usually in boxes that have been left to gather dust in corners or roof spaces. Although, initially they live separate, ordered lives, when placed in close proximity they swarm and party. This ritual entwining leads to copious breeding. Any attempt to separate them once they have mated is futile.


Catching a moment

Taken as part of the Photo 101 challenge – today’s theme ‘An everyday moment with movement’

This is Suki catching her favourite toy.  Every single day, come rain or shine, I have to throw it umpteen times for her to chase and fetch.  She never, ever, tires of it, though I often do.  Nevertheless, it is always a pick me up to see her galloping and leaping for the sheer and simple joy of play.


Red tiles on a grey day

Taken as part of the Photo 101 challenge – today’s theme ‘Architecture’

Today we were asked to think about using monochrome in the photo. When I looked at the resulting image of this picture of our roof against our grand old oak tree, it seemed very dull in black and white, so I had a go at picking out the red tiles. This is the first time that I’ve tried the ‘picking out a colour’ (technical term!!) technique and I’m really quite pleased with the result.  I’m going off to play some more now 🙂


It’s a goal!


That’s me up there on that parachute, that is!

Oooohhh.,..yay, yay, and triple yay!!  Had to just tell you…Today I’ve exceeded my goal as set out in writing 101 challenge a little while ago (you can read my goals here) and got over 220 followers – and it’s only mid November!

Sorry, I’m sure it’s unseemly to get so excited over what may, to some, seem so few, but it only seems a little while since I was struggling to get into double figures. It has been amazing how taking part in a couple of events has helped transform my blog and the way I feel about it.  Although I’m spending (too many) hours working away at it, it’s no longer a slog and I look forward to producing new posts regularly as well as seeing what everyone else has been up to.

As I feel like a bit of a winner today, in the time honoured tradition of winners everywhere, I’m going to have to say a few thank you’s:

Ah hem!…

Thanks to Writing 101 for:

*Giving me some great, mind jiggling, prompts
*providing the opportunity to share and get feedback from lots of lovely folk
*getting me in the habit of posting every day

Thanks to Blogging 101 for:

* Getting me to set some goals in the first place
* teaching me to tweak my blog to make it look pretty (ahh..)
* For having a great common room where I’ve met lots more lovely folk.

Thanks also to the ongoing Photo 101 for:

* Setting me new (and frankly, quite challenging) challenges every day
* Helping me reach an even wider band of lovely folk
* And for keeping up my enthusiasm for posting daily.

Of course, its mainly thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read and comment, especially if you clicked on the ‘follow’ button – love to you all mwah, mwah

errrmmmmm…’d better not leave… 🙂

P.S.  I’m looking for the next 220 now, so tell your friends…!! x

Who goes there?

Part of the Photo 101 challenge – today’s theme ‘Pop of Colour’

I was going to be good today and go out and about to find an appropriate photo for this challenge, but hey, it’s cold, and raining… what can I say?  Anyhoo…thought this just about fits the bill, and that it might cheer everyone up on a Monday morning.

I snapped these chaps down at our local mini-zoo, Wetlands, a couple of years ago.  I don’t know what they were looking at, but it seems mighty interesting!

Have a great day!

Happy week with Helen 248_B.

Summer Night

Summer Night

Part of the Photo101 challenge – today’s theme ‘Warmth’

Sadly, no sun here in Nottinghamshire today, so I’ve been wracking my brains to think of a fair representation of warmth.  I’ve subjected the dog to lots of posing on her bed in front of the radiator, I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to capture the steam from a cup of tea, I’ve even looked at some old photos I took of a bonfire we had when I was just practicing capturing flames, but really, they’re not that great. So… Ok, hands up, I confess…. I didn’t take this photograph myself (I have tweaked it a bit to make it my own though!). In fact, it’s a photo of my daughters at a friends field party taken a few summers ago.  It’s one of my favourites of them and I think perfectly captures the warmth of the huge camp fire as well as the sisterly warmth between the two of them.

Of course, my thanks goes out to whichever of their friends did take this!

my fiery girls