Dead or Alive?

Posted in response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme – ‘Forces of Nature’

This gnarly, worm eaten,old apple tree in our meadow is all but dead, showing no new growth at the top at all.  But it’s still fighting for life, pushing out these blossoms towards the bottom. Wonder if it will produce any apples?


Crystal Rock, Mauritius

Part of the Photo 101 challenge – today’s theme ‘The Natural World’


Apple for breakfast?

For these challenges I’ve been trying really hard to ‘think outside the box’ and find something original to post.  So this morning I’ve spent a couple of hours trudging ’round the garden in the rain taking photos of rotting fallen apples that have been nibbled at by the small animals that have made our garden their home (very natural) and trying to get a decent snap of the naturally occurring bubbles on top of my busily fermenting cider.  Both worthy subjects.  But frankly a bit yuckky (and ok, despite my best efforts, boring) when enlarged.  So just a couple of thumbnails of those to prove that I’ve been busy.


A sea of fermenting cider

As you might gather, the photo below was not taken by me plodding about in this morning’s miserable November rain, but actually on our trip to Mauritius a couple of years back. Over time this rock has been worn away by the sea, and as you can see, when the tide is low it seems to be perched prettily on top of its whittled base like a cake on a stand.  We were lucky enough to snorkle around it and see all the wonderful wildlife that takes advantage of its nooks and cranny’s under the beautiful clear, warm, water.

Anyhoo, although not in anyway comprehensive, I think these three pictures together demonstrate the way nature hones the world around us, in all different ways on a daily basis, whilst we carry on with our lives barely noticing the changes.