In Peace?

In a darkened room the angels hover
while a woman sleeps

And thunderous rain sends morse messages
to the heavens

while down the stairs a raging fire burns
warming cold souls

Twelve bells as the old clock marks the hour
not recognising day or night

Blossoms in the gardens fold their petals
fearing the dark

And all the while, gentle clouds of breath
escape those red lips

Oblivious, cocooned in starched sheets
on a bed of down

The woman rests before her last descent
Weeping angels watch

As the fire rages on


Summer Night

Summer Night

Part of the Photo101 challenge – today’s theme ‘Warmth’

Sadly, no sun here in Nottinghamshire today, so I’ve been wracking my brains to think of a fair representation of warmth.  I’ve subjected the dog to lots of posing on her bed in front of the radiator, I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to capture the steam from a cup of tea, I’ve even looked at some old photos I took of a bonfire we had when I was just practicing capturing flames, but really, they’re not that great. So… Ok, hands up, I confess…. I didn’t take this photograph myself (I have tweaked it a bit to make it my own though!). In fact, it’s a photo of my daughters at a friends field party taken a few summers ago.  It’s one of my favourites of them and I think perfectly captures the warmth of the huge camp fire as well as the sisterly warmth between the two of them.

Of course, my thanks goes out to whichever of their friends did take this!

my fiery girls