The sky, the patio, and me

In response to the Photography 101 theme for today – ‘Bliss’

Well, I was in the supermarket this morning doing my weekly shop wondering how I could capture bliss for the challenge, and I thought ‘well actually, being able to buy what I like in a supermarket full of yummy things is bliss, I could take a photo of the shelves’ – and then I realised that I may be getting a bit preachy, what with yesterday’s post an’ all.  So I dug out this, frankly pretty weird, and not terribly flattering selfie I took last year instead.

Many of you will remember that we had our garden landscaped last year.  Throughout the wonderful hot summer the builders took over our garden and turned it into something resembling a war zone, while I was stuck, prisoner like indoors. I took this picture the day they finished.  That’s my lovely new patio I’m laying on.  I cannot being to tell you how wonderful it was to have my garden to myself again, even though it was devoid of plants and flowers at the time.  Laying there, looking up at the clear blue sky, I was indeed, blissfully happy!

The sky the patio and me

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