Music on Monday

Think my blog has had a poetry overload lately so I thought, while you’re waiting on tenterhooks for my next words of wisdom, I’d give you an earworm (I know, I’m just sooo thoughtful…).  At least this is cheery and it kind of matched this gorgeous spring morning.

Hope you are having a Beautiful Day 🙂

Wake up, it’s Wednesday!

Here’s a bit of Soca to get you going with a smile this morning.

I first heard this in Tobago a few years ago.  We were at a beach party drinking copious amounts of rum punch and dancing in the sand on the most beautiful secluded beach you’ve ever seen. I was particularly happy as, somewhat amazingly, I’d won the limbo competition (prize….more rum…) It was a perfect day and hearing this reminds me of how much we danced and laughed and generally had an amazingly good time.  It’s been making me dance and laugh and sing along ever since, I defy you not to do the same!  Enjoy…

A ho hum week in song…

Written as part of the Daily prompt challenge – ‘Playlist of the Week’

Well, I saw this prompt and thought ‘yeah, that’s doable’, although when I came to think about it, last week wasn’t a particularly cheery one.  Nevertheless, I think these five songs are fairly representative, in a rather literal way!!

  • Walking the Dog  – Rufus Thomaswell, I do that every day, rain or shine, bad foot or no, otherwise Suki starts climbing the walls!
  • Give me Novocaine – Greenday:   Had an injection in my foot on Friday, and I now have an attack of the Shingles, not in anyway related but both really ouchy!
  • At the Car Wash – Rose RoyceYep, went there with husband in his car, not mine.  Mine is still mangled after the prang I had the week before.  It needs a bit of Novacaine too 😦
  • Born to Lose – Ray Charles:  Sat and watched the Australian open final in its entirety on Saturday morning (well, I had a badly foot!).  Was really hoping Andy Murray would do it this time, and he was playing superbly for a bit, but eventually had a melt down, and was ‘bagelled’ in the last set (6/0) d’oh!
  • So Tired by The Kinks – works on two levels – I am indeed very tired, thanks to the Shingles virus and some strong painkillers, and also tired of waiting for a parcel to arrive…

Hope your week was a better one!

What’s yours?

I have to confess that this is a fairly recent addition to my long list of Christmas traditions and Christmassy favourite songs.  I hadn’t heard it until about three or four years ago, and since then I have made it my ‘official start to feeling Christmassy’ song, especially this version by the fabulous Mary Margaret.  Of course, I have absolutely no idea who Mary Margaret is, it’s just a video I found on you tube, but you’ve got to agree, the girl has talent!!

Anyway, just had to share it with you (the whole world should see it!!).  I’d love to hear what song brings the most Christmassy feeling to you.

p.s. this is closely followed in my list by ‘The Little Boy who Santa Claus Forgot’ but I didn’t want you getting all depressed 😉

Music for Thirsty Thursday

Thought I’d share this with you today. My lovely daughter took me to see Gogol Bordello live in Leeds a couple of years back, I think I was the oldest raver in town, but absolutely loved it (mind you, was pretty exhausted by the end, after all that singing along!).  Start Wearing Purple has been one of my favourite ‘cheer-me-up’ songs for yonks, but I thought ‘Alcohol’ was more apt for my, swiftly becoming regular, Thirsty Thursday slot.  Enjoy!

Tone up Tuesday

Well, you already know I dance ’round the bedroom on my own singing into my hairbrush, what can I say, it’s part of my exercise regime. I figure if I dance about for just three or four minutes everyday it must burn off a few calories (mustn’t it?) and justify eating that extra biscuit with my mid-morning cuppa.  My song of choice (thanks to Chris Evans at Radio 2) this morning was the one I share below.  Join in with all that arm pumping and pretty soon you’ll have biceps like…well, ok, like me.  Anyway, for your health and enjoyment today I give you Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  And by the way, yes, I do love rock and roll!!

Three favourite songs – freewrite for writing 101

Apologies for lack of punctuation, paragraphs, any sense.  The challenge was a freewrite, so I tried to stick to that!  It feels a bit against nature to post this nonsense, but anyhoo.. here it is:

Ah, music, one of my favourite subjects. Oh yes, I can rattle on about this for 15 minutes no worries.. I think, but this is a freewrite so we’ll go where my mind takes me I guess (hold tight, could be anywhere).   First song I thought about was My Girl, actually I always change it to My Girls, cos I’ve got twin girls and they do bring me sunshine every single time I think of them and I think of them a lot. They’re grown up now, doctors indeed ..I am very proud mum and throw that into the conversation as often as possible though when you are proudly boasting that your daughter is at medical school you don’t necessarily remember the risks this poses. One of them told me last week that she has to be fitted for special suit in case an ebola case comes into the hospital, it will be on her ward.  The other one had to deal with someone who had suspected leprosy.  Death and bodily functions are day to day for them. I’ve never seen a dead body, not in my entire umpteen very long years. Weird to think they have more life and death experience than me. Shouldn’t be that way round really.  Time of your life by Greenday is another song relating to my girls. I remember playing it for them when they went off to medical school at different ends of the country all their goods and chattels packed into plastic bags. I cried. Course I cried. I still get weepy that they are all grown up and independent. Well sort of independent.  They still need me occasionally.. We all need our mums occasionally, sadly though as they get older sometimes it’s us who have to take over the mumsy duties for them.  Making sure our loved ones are safe and well is darn tricky when it’s done from a distance like I have to do. it can get a bit depressing some times which happily brings me to my other favourite song ‘start wearing purple’ by Gogol Bordello. If you’ve never come across them, they are a Gypsy Punk group.  Their music is loud and bawdy, and makes me dance and smile every time I hear it.  It’s my go-to cheer me up song and we all need one of those occasionally.  Oh dear, I forgot to time myself.  Have I done fifteen minutes?  Don’t know, possibly not, but I have covered my favourite songs and I’ve been typing in a frenzy to do it my fingers automatically finding the keys as a direct extension of my thoughts.  Like playing the piano, though I can’t do that. Pretty hopeless at all musical instruments really, though I did play the Cello at school. I remember carting it home for practicing it was almost bigger than me, and then my mum and dad moaned because it was more of a screech than a tune.  No, I’ll happily listen to all sorts of other music (Jazz being the exception…I can’t stand all those notes being played in the wrong order..) but think I’ll leave it to other people to play. Gonna stop now fifteen minutes or no!’