Music for Thirsty Thursday

Thought I’d share this with you today. My lovely daughter took me to see Gogol Bordello live in Leeds a couple of years back, I think I was the oldest raver in town, but absolutely loved it (mind you, was pretty exhausted by the end, after all that singing along!).  Start Wearing Purple has been one of my favourite ‘cheer-me-up’ songs for yonks, but I thought ‘Alcohol’ was more apt for my, swiftly becoming regular, Thirsty Thursday slot.  Enjoy!

War, Religion, and Alcohol

Taken as part of the photography 101 challenge – today’s topic ‘Street’

Not exactly a street, but this is a picture of Canon Square, just off of the main Market Square in Retford, close to where I live.  I am always struck by the juxtaposition of the impressive ‘Sebastopol Canon’ (captured in 1855 at the end of the Crimean War) sitting alongside the beautiful St Swithun’s Church with it’s graveyard spread like a cloth around it, both set midst at least four pubs all within a stone’s throw (The Vine that you can see is just one of those.  I was standing outside another to take the photo).

The photo is a little wishy-washy I fear, as it is very foggy here this morning, and to be honest, I was feeling a bit self-conscious taking photos in town, just for fun, for the very first time!