Writing 101 day 4 – Using a picture for inspirationphoto-1430747562296-5556d17a15a5 (2)

We used to rock and roll
Her dyed black, tied back hair swinging
as we jived through young life
Swerving around corners
eating up the straights
on silver machines
that throbbed and roared
as we sat carelessly astride

Together we played at grown-ups
We nestled and snuggled
our restless souls settled
our bikes rusted in the backyard
where herbs and flowers grew
encouraged by her tender hands

Then her belly swelled
I watched her move to the
dance of motherhood
her face, lit by a thousand smiles
glowed in soft focus
while babies suckled
then grew strong beside her

Bereft she cried in my arms
as we watched them go
Reflections of our younger selves
Caught in the moment
I saw her face, it’s soft valleys
and newly formed crevasses
denoting worry and wisdom

Those last few months when
floury fingers baked biscuits
and dusted memories on the mantel
When her tied back hair was grey
and her frowns replaced the smiles
adventures curtailed
she waited

And the call came

As I sit in this echoey place
Where the candles flicker
And memories are shadows
Where I carried her like a doll
With her silver hair loose and free
I remember
We used to rock and roll

Tone up Tuesday

Well, you already know I dance ’round the bedroom on my own singing into my hairbrush, what can I say, it’s part of my exercise regime. I figure if I dance about for just three or four minutes everyday it must burn off a few calories (mustn’t it?) and justify eating that extra biscuit with my mid-morning cuppa.  My song of choice (thanks to Chris Evans at Radio 2) this morning was the one I share below.  Join in with all that arm pumping and pretty soon you’ll have biceps like…well, ok, like me.  Anyway, for your health and enjoyment today I give you Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  And by the way, yes, I do love rock and roll!!