Tone up Tuesday

Well, you already know I dance ’round the bedroom on my own singing into my hairbrush, what can I say, it’s part of my exercise regime. I figure if I dance about for just three or four minutes everyday it must burn off a few calories (mustn’t it?) and justify eating that extra biscuit with my mid-morning cuppa.  My song of choice (thanks to Chris Evans at Radio 2) this morning was the one I share below.  Join in with all that arm pumping and pretty soon you’ll have biceps like…well, ok, like me.  Anyway, for your health and enjoyment today I give you Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  And by the way, yes, I do love rock and roll!!

2 thoughts on “Tone up Tuesday

  1. Oh yeah, rocking it this morning…..well, after a couple of cups of tea and a five minute shower. lets face it, I’m fit for nothing before that! 😉

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