Won’t somebody like me?

Yep, I’ve been a good girl and followed Blogging 201 instructions today and set up a facebook ‘fan’ page (and I’ve added the widget to my sidebar…aren’t I a whizz!).  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I know I haven’t got any fans.  Hopefully I’ve got friends though and some of you might care to like me (pleeease…don’t make me beg..)  Why don’t you stop by for a chat at my fb page here it’s a bit new and I could do with some company!

4 thoughts on “Won’t somebody like me?

  1. My Facebook page is very slow moving itself. Part of my problem is that I write under a pen name so I’m not able to promote it to my personal facebook friends. Also, that means when I like bloggers’ facebook pages by my real name- they don’t know it’s me. I’m stumped.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more help. I’ve been thinking about this assignment since I read it last night and I think it might be better if I focus on Twitter instead. :-/

    • It does feel like a shot in the dark. I’m already on Twitter, but never seem to make any headway. Ho hum…. See how it goes. Good luck with yours!

  2. I clicked like to your Facebook page. I will look for you on FB when I get there, later today. I think I did all of that link stuff to my blog sometime ago. Yet every time I change themes I have to re link it all!
    You can link you blog directly to your FB page. I have a few more followers because of that.

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