Dried Up

My sea of words
ebbs and flows.
Today my tide is out
the grey sand is dry,
and though ideas float on
the offshore breeze
they fade into dust
before they land.

Perhaps tomorrow
gentle waves
will send them home
to this blank white beach.



(yep, tip of the day… if you’re stuck about what to write, write about being stuck about what to write 🙂 )


Do I really want to unblock?


I’d like to write a poem
But I don’t know what to say
I’m having yet another
Wordless, brain freeze, day

Oh no, you just don’t get it
It’s not for you I write
But it’s usually something deep inside
That needs to come out right

My mind can be a maze of rhymes
Or besieged with death and doom
And that’s when I’m compelled to write
to ease that dreary gloom

Sometimes words just tumble out
Like a river from the heart
But today my flow is frozen
And I don’t know where to start

Perhaps it’s ‘cos I am content
My life is just too good
Happy verses aren’t my thing
I need misery and blood

But I ought to be ok with that
I shouldn’t really worry
One day the doldrums might return
To feed my fire with fury