Do I really want to unblock?


I’d like to write a poem
But I don’t know what to say
I’m having yet another
Wordless, brain freeze, day

Oh no, you just don’t get it
It’s not for you I write
But it’s usually something deep inside
That needs to come out right

My mind can be a maze of rhymes
Or besieged with death and doom
And that’s when I’m compelled to write
to ease that dreary gloom

Sometimes words just tumble out
Like a river from the heart
But today my flow is frozen
And I don’t know where to start

Perhaps it’s ‘cos I am content
My life is just too good
Happy verses aren’t my thing
I need misery and blood

But I ought to be ok with that
I shouldn’t really worry
One day the doldrums might return
To feed my fire with fury

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