August Afternoon

The sun has given way to
a gunmetal sky that brings
a strengthened wind
cooling the air and agitating
the leaves on the summer trees

The birds are frenzied
They know the signs
and sing anxious songs
as they search for
safe roosts in the prickly hedgerow

The roses droop
No rain for days, but
they’ll regret their careless wishes
when each heavy drop dislodges
their delicate rainbow colours

Then the thunder breaks
and lightening unzips the heavens
The world silently listens to the show
while rivulets of rain pattern the pane
and puddle on the thirsty earth

Storm Brewing


We sat on a bench
Watching the seething sky
While the merciless wind
Whipped at our cheeks
When tenderly you took my hand
You said you’d die for me 

You said you’d die for me
Yet that was long ago
Youth is foolish and unwary
Yes, in the moment I believed
Your untrue truths
But how you lied to me 

But how you lied to me
Before long
It was me who died for you


Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland, England

We visited Northumberland for the first time recently and were stunned by its exquisite empty stretches of dune-lined beaches, it’s many castles, each steeped in history, and the varied wildlife. Even the stormy sky has it’s own beauty!

It’s only three hours away and we will definitely be returning soon!

Heavy Skies over Lindisfarne Castle

Heavy Skies over Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland