On a pebble beach…

DSC_0449These photographs were taken on Holy Island, Northumberland, where one of the pebbly beaches behind the castle is covered in these piles of stones which have been built by visitors over many years. The one below caught my eye and inspired me to write the little verses underneath.


Man of Stone

I stand amongst these shining rocks
and observe the swelling sea, where,
in that swaying garden,
my lover drifts alone
while coloured fish play
in her flexuous hair
and fallen stars gather
to weep their salty tears

No forces will deter me nor erode my will
I’ll stand here watching, waiting,
until, until…

Until the earth is sodden and
waves consume my soul,
and tumbling I join her
in the grave grey depths below
where together we’ll blend
into that stony bed
and our blissful cries will echo

Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland, England

We visited Northumberland for the first time recently and were stunned by its exquisite empty stretches of dune-lined beaches, it’s many castles, each steeped in history, and the varied wildlife. Even the stormy sky has it’s own beauty!

It’s only three hours away and we will definitely be returning soon!

Heavy Skies over Lindisfarne Castle

Heavy Skies over Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland