Fruit Eater

didn’t I once take a ripe plum in my mouth
and allow the juice to dribble
from my lips
wiped it with the back of my hand
felt the map of veins
through my skin
knowing I was pulsing with life
both solid and fluid
and didn’t I once know that it would not last
that state of being
and that I shouldn’t waste the juice.

Thirsty Thursday


Ahh, the thick, stand-yer-straw-up-in-it, fruit smoothie!

A handful of frozen mango, a handful of frozen pineapple, a banana and a splosh of orange juice bunged in a blender and hey presto, yummy tropical smoothie!  Mind you, it’s so thick it does make your eyes pop out just a little when you try and suck it up the straw!!

Oh, and if it wasn’t 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and I didn’t have yoga later on, I might just add a splosh of coconut water and rum too!! 😉