Why so glum?


DSC_0411 (2)

Just a quick ‘hello’ from one of my gorgeous goldfish, who despite the chilly weather are still up and about and enjoying this morning’s sunshine.  They seem to think I should be feeding them, though you are really not supposed to when the temperature is less than 10 degrees, which it most definitely is now.  I do usually keep some ‘winter’ food for days like this, but sadly I’ve run out, so they’ll just have to forage, perhaps that’s why he’s looking so glum!

By the way, no one can convince me that my fish don’t know me.  They always come to the surface when I go out in the garden, and congregate around the area where I usually feed them.  They are tame, and in the summer, I’ll sit for hours while they feed from my hand and swim around my feet – yep, I paddle in the pond even when it’s at it’s murky worst. I love them all, but now we have over 60 of them it’s sometimes hard to remember all their names!!

Have a lovely day all x

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