Scientists Should Start Working on a Way to Make Travelling Cheap and Instant

Someone after my own heart here! No leaves on the line nonsense…

Forbidden Jungle

This morning I awoke with a spontaneously fiery ambition to travel. I wanted to experiment with the nifty new camera I’d received as a gift at Christmas but the area I live in is grey and monotonous so I decided that I wanted to embark on a train journey to the wild Highlands of Scotland and capture some of the rustic winter landscapes. However, after researching train times and fares on my phone, I realised that my wallet capacity and the amount of daylight in these winter months would make it impossible. Train fares to travel up North towards the Highlands exceeded £100 and the journey would last over three hours. Oh well, it was back to the Flix of the Net for the day.

Everyone’s life goal should be to travel the world, and then fall in love. A lifetime is squandered for every human that decides to reside…

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2 thoughts on “Scientists Should Start Working on a Way to Make Travelling Cheap and Instant

  1. Hm… My favorite mode of transportation is on foot. I like slowing down and getting to know a place at its natural pace, that is, at the pace of its inhabitants. I like being, even while I’m going, too. If I travel too fast, how can I be aware of the places on the way, of the process, of the being in the going?

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