The Singing Edge

Taken as part of the Photo 101 challenge – today’s theme ‘Edge’

These are images of my lovely Tibetan Singing Bowl.  It’s one of my favourite things and I use it often. I believe it to be quite old, and the edges have been worn smooth by repeated use.  Singing bowls are used widely, particularly as part of Buddhist practice, as a meditation tool, and it is said that each is individual and should be chosen to compliment your own inner harmonics (or does it choose you?). Rubbing the mallet in a circular motion around the edge, will normally produce at least two different notes.  Mine has a sweet high topnote, and a fairly deep base.  I did try to take a recording of it for you, but it really didn’t do it justice, so in case you haven’t come across them before, I’ve added a video below to give you an idea.

And a video on how to play:

9 thoughts on “The Singing Edge

  1. Very interesting Kaye! I’d love to hear you play your bowl. I’d love to hear more about what it means to you. I watched the video and the sound is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Jodi! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I find it very calming and helps with what people are calling these days ‘mindfulness’.

      • Mine was bought locally, and we did get one for my husband when we were in Nepal, so I’m not really able to recommend anywhere (unless you fancy a trip to Nepal…it is very nice 😉 ). There does seem to be plenty of on-line suppliers though. The folk that produced the video I used are who seem to be based in US. I should google Singing Bowls and have a browse. It would make a lovely present.

      • Thanks Kaye! I will explore when I have some time. Appreciate your advice. Would LOVE a trip to NEPAL – but not sure that is in the near future – $$$ 🙂

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