Weather Wednesday

I’m always really thrilled when I look at my stats and find people from so far and wide have been peeking at my blog. It’s really exciting to know that my dumb words are filtering out to the four corners, and I was thinking that I’d really like to know a little bit more about what it’s like where you are.  So I’m going to start with the weather (I am English after all!).  You’re on my new Today page, so it would be great if you would just pop a comment in the comments box below telling me where you are and what it’s like outside your window today.

Here’s my starter:

I live in a village, just outside a small market town which lies about 35 miles North of Nottingham (where Robin Hood came from, actually I’m only a couple of miles away from Sherwood Forest!), England.  After the left overs of hurricane Gonzalo passed our way yesterday, causing high winds which had me chasing after the chairs in the garden in torrential rain, there are blue skies overhead this morning and the trees are still.  It’s really chilly though, probably the coldest day of Autumn so far, I don’t have a thermometer around, but I think it’s probably no more than 7 degrees-ish brrr… Winter approaches.

I’m excited to hear about your world, so I do hope you have time to drop me a line.  I’ll let you know what the results are next Wednesday!



18 thoughts on “Weather Wednesday

  1. I live in Detroit. I’ve just woken and it is still dark. All that is visible through my windows, from my bed anyway, is the portion of the tree across the street that is bathed in the streetlight. It is fall so the leaves are very showy yellow. They are lovely. From here, and in the dark, I can’t tell much about the weather. Yesterday was cool and rainy; a good day for a nap. It was windy overnight, so perhaps there is more moody fall weather in store for me today.

  2. It is early morning here and still dark, but we have been in the 70’s degree (Farenheit) during the days. I live in the “Four Corners” area of the US. The 4corners is located where New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona meet, called the southwest in America. I’m glad to hear that Hurricane Gonzalo passed over your area and hopefully, did not leave any damage behind.

    • Thanks Joy. Sadly three people were killed in the fierce winds yesterday, but I think that was further south. Been raining here again this afternoon. Our days are getting shorter too….we put the clocks back an hour next weekend, so pretty soon it won’t be getting light until 8 a.m. and will get dark again around 4 p.m. ho hum…

  3. I live in the province of British Columbia in Canada. It is on the west coast bordering the Pacific ocean. The temperature is very cool every morning now as it is into the fall season when we get lots of rain and cool temperatures. We had a torrential rainfall during last night with high winds but I slept through it all.

    • Nice to sleep through it! Raining here again, and getting dark now too (its 5:30 p.m.)Will be worse next week after we put the clocks back at the weekend. Dark days. I’ve just heard the news about the shooting at Canadian Parliament. Hope everyone keeps safe from these maniacs.

  4. We are (here in Zululand, South Africa) supposed to be in the midst of Spring. However it has not been above 19°C all week. (This is a sub-tropic region and our average temperature is 30°C. Summer days can get up to 40°C with a level of 80% humidity.) There is a chilly breeze and thick, dark cloud cover. Today we even had an hour of rain — bit fat drops slowly plopping to the thirsty ground. We are in a Summer rainfall area and this past Winter has been particularly dry. This rain is very welcome.

    (How special to read about what is happening in places all over the globe. What a small planet we inhabit!)

    • Hi Little Learner, great to hear from you. You’re right, it is really special to be able to contact people in all corners of the world…slightly weird too, I never imagined that my writing would be read quite so far and wide..Lovely though. Glad to hear you’re getting some rain. We’ve certainly been having more than our fair share here recently 🙂 Hope today is a good one for you.

    • It can be such a beautiful time of year – when it’s not grey and drizzly like it is here today, that is. Hope the sun shines for you today.

  5. Hi, luckykaye. Today is Thursday, Oct. 23. My husband and I live in an RV park in south-central Florida. There is also a mobile home section here. My mother-in-law lives in a park model (like a miniature mobile home with a screened in porch called a Florida Room) next door to our Airstream travel trailer. We have been in Florida since 2000, only during the winters at first; then taking on full-time jobs. We retired last year and are back to traveling in the spring and summer. The weather here is beautiful today. There are blue skies with lots of white and gray fluffy clouds, and a cool, gentle breeze. Temperature, I’m guessing, is probably around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Feels very nice. I’m sitting at my computer with the door wide open. Hope you are having a lovely day.

  6. Oops a day late but oh well…today is Thursday, 10/23. I am on the Gulf Coast of Florida, USA. I missed this yesterday since we were on the beach! Our weather today is 100% sun, not a cloud in the sky, a nice breeze is blowing and the temp is 81F with humidity of only 43% which is really low for us! Outside my window the palm trees are swaying and the birds are chirping. My neighborhood is quite quiet but the area is getting busy as the “snowbirds” begin to return. (Snowbirds are the people who return south to Florida as the northern temps drop.) What a great world we have, so much variety and beauty to enjoy!

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