Cheery Tuesday

DSC_0064I might as well give up, I can’t find anything interesting to say about Today, except that the can-can was danced in Paris for the very first time on this day in 1858.  Well, that’s quite interesting I suppose, but I didn’t want my nice new Today page to be just ‘this day in …’ that’s been done. To death.

Nope, I was hoping for exciting, interesting things.  Brilliant stuff I’d done Today.  Hilarious situations I’ve been in Today. Crikey, I even suggested a theme for each day of the week in my blogging 201 post outlining my goals. Yep, it’s supposed to be Terrible Joke Tuesday.

Hmm…well, promising that may have been a bit rash, though I will share my favourite joke with you (yes, I know you’ve all heard it before, but that’s it’s charm…)

‘What’s brown and sticky?’

‘A stick!’

Well, while you hold your sides with mirth, I’ll try and think of something else to share about today.

I’ve been bottling wine, that’s what I’ve been up to today. My homemade slosh.  Six bottles of Peach and six of Chardonnay, made from kits.  It’s not bad actually, perfectly gluggable, and very cheap and cheerful.  It only takes less than a month to ‘cook’ too, so it’s easy to keep a good stock up.  As well as the bottles I bottled this morning, we’ve currently got bottles of Merlot, Elderflower, Cabernet Sauvignon, and I think there might be a Elderberry left too.  All good stuff.

However, lurking in the garage, I have two demijohns full of my very own, no kit, yes made with my own fair hands, Marrow wine.  Except it’s not marrow, it’s courgette.  What can I say, they’d grown massive while we were on holiday, so they looked like marrows.  All the same anyway.

But I do seem to have invented Brown Wine.  It’s certainly not red or white, or even rose. Nope, definitely brown. And muddy. Well, it’ll clear, won’t it?

Actually, I’m not holding my breath. It’s been in there for a couple of months and there doesn’t seem to be much happening. Still, I won’t give up on my baby, I’ll keep racking it (decanting into fresh demijohns) and will watch it closely. And frankly, even if it stays brown and muddy, we’ll probably still drink it. Anyway, it might just be a slow mover, and will be ready in time for Christmas 2015. I’ll let you know.


2 thoughts on “Cheery Tuesday

  1. Thanks Kat. Yep, my home made country wines are a bit hit and miss, but I’ve always got a stock of the kit ones. They’re dead easy and quick to make. They do beer kits too, though I’ve never tried it. Your husband should have a go 😉

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