Split personality?

Posted in response to the Daily Post weekly photo challenge.  This weeks theme ‘half and half’

This huge (18ft) sculpture by Sophie Ryder resides in the lovely Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  The park is full of brilliant pieces, many of which, like this one, make you go ‘hmmmmm…!’ and wonder if the sculptor may have been distracted half way through 😉  Perfect for my half and half pic though, as she (it?) is also split in half down the middle. Sadly I didn’t capture that in these photos, but you can see it clearer on the Sophie Ryder website here.

DSC_0265 tidy DSC_0269


Moore for the Sheep

Part of the Photo 101 challenge – today’s theme ‘Landscape’

The sheep seem oblivious to the wonderful sculptures (including several Henry Moore’s) that are dotted about in the vast and beautiful landscape around the Yorkshire Sculpture Park