A Triumphant Wrap Up

Final of the Photo 101 challenge – to wrap up… 

I failed. I failed at Triumph. I’ve managed to post a photo every other day of this challenge, but on Friday I was out having fun. Sorry.

Anyhoo.. as you know, Friday’s theme was ‘Triumph’, something I don’t seem to have experienced an awful lot of (unless you count getting out of bed every day, which is for me, something of a battle on these damp and dark mornings), so I didn’t have any pictures to dig up quickly that might have served the purpose.

I did go on a carousel on Saturday, my  horse won (of course), but not everyone noticed that since we were going round and round an’ all.  We were in Cardiff (I was visiting my amazing daughter and her lovely partner) and there was a Wales vs South Africa rugby match on, if we’d have hung around long enough and braved the crowds, I guess there might have been lots of rowdy, happy, Welsh people to photograph.  But we didn’t. So I failed at the last hurdle. hmmph.

Over the weekend it was suggested we do a ‘wrap up’ of our photo 101 experience, and I have to say that this almost fulfills the Triumph brief anyway.  I feel pretty pleased with myself that I’ve managed to keep up, and that, overall, I’ve been quite chuffed with the photo’s that I’ve posted. I’ve learnt tons of new stuff about my camera and it’s multitudinous, previously baffling, buttons and settings, and I’ve found lots of new techniques to twiddle and tweak my snaps post production. Overall, I’m feeling, well, quite triumphant.

Although I am actually really sad that the whole thing is over, and hope there are new challenges coming my way soon. I shall miss getting the email with the challenge and thinking ‘what the *****’!!’ every day, before I knuckle down and get my thinking cap on, get the camera out and find something, anything, that will do, or spend hours searching through long-forgotten holiday photos to find the one that I know I’ve got that’s just perfect, but can’t remember where the heck it’s filed.

I’ll also, very much, miss seeing everybody else’s wonderful interpretations, and getting their comments and feedback.  It’s been great!

Soooo… ’til the next time, here’s a mosiac (yes, I’ve learned to do mosaic’s too) of some of the photos from the daily challenges.

See you soon!