A little bit of springtime

Well, it’s a really miserable day here. No sign of the torrential rain stopping, so I’ve been looking through a few of last year’s spring photo’s to cheer me up.  Thought I’d share ’em!  By the way, that’s a teeny tiny spider on a miniature daffodil taken with a long ‘ol lens – well, you didn’t think I’d get close up now, did you? 🙂

Winter of Love

I am brittle and abandoned.
Like gilt leaves shed by the selfish tree.
As you wilfully discarded me.

I am damp and distraught.
Like wind whipping drizzle against cheeks.
As you were callous and cold to me

I am sombre and grey.
Like the sky’s heavy, battleship clouds.
As you so grimly threatened me.

I am winter white.
Like first frost, static and beautiful.
As you were to me.