Treasure fingers

Taken as part of the photo 101 challenge – Today’s theme ‘Treasure’

You must have realised by now that I’m a sentimental old fool, so today I’ve been on a steep learning curve trying to take a timed portrait of my own treasures – That is, my wedding ring, and my grandmother’s engagement ring, both of which I wear everyday.

My nan’s engagement ring must be over 100 years old by now and I have worn it on the ring finger of my right hand since her death in 1973.  I have not taken my wedding ring off since my marriage nearly 29 years ago. Together, they represent the real treasure which is my family.

When I started, I had no idea how difficult it would be to capture a decent shot of the rings. I didn’t realise quite how creepy my hands would look in close up, or how sausagy my fingers would appear. They’re not good models it seems, either posing all stiffly corpse-like, looking all wrinkly and mottled, or moving involuntarily just as the shutter went.  eeewww….and the veins….! Anyhoo…thank goodness today it’s all about the rings.

By the way, I should mention I have some other gorgeous rings bought for me by my husband over the years (don’t want you to think he’s a cheapskate), that I also wear everyday. But those don’t hold quite the same sentimental value as these two. They may not be worth as much, but to me they are priceless.