Lucky Little Lady!

I’m not in the habit of entering competitions, from past experience it’s a recipe for disappointment for me.  However, this weekend I was encouraged to enter a photograph in the ‘nature and wildlife’ category at the local village flower and produce show (mostly because I wasn’t up to entering a painting and the rest of my art group were tsk…).  Anyhoo… hey… whatdayaknow… I won! Not exactly international success or fame and fortune I know, but nonetheless, I was quite chuffed, and got a certificate and everything!! So here she is, the lucky little lady:



Where the heart is

Posted in response to the Daily Post weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme ‘Solitude’


Oh I do enjoy a bit of me time now and again.  In front of the fire, with a nice cuppa tea in my favourite cheery uppy mug, slippers on, feet on the table (oh I know, what a rebel), remote, ipad and phone all within reaching distance. What could be nicer?

Look at the birdie…

Posted in response to the DailyPost weekly photo challenge.  This week’s theme ‘Graceful’.

Early Morning Mist

Yeah, I know, I know, I’ve used this picture before, but I honestly couldn’t fine a more fitting example for this challenge.  Oh, I had lots of nice birdie and animal pictures, and more graceful arching branches than I could count.  But, this photo of the most graceful building in the world, the Taj Mahal, caught by my goodself in the (very) early morning mist (yawn…) says it all.

We all think we know about the Taj Mahal, but no photograph or tv picture in the world will ever capture it’s vastness and purity of structure and form.  It glows in the sunrise with quite breathtaking beauty and grace.

Shame the bloomin’ bird got in the way… hehee.. 😉

Only  joking. Just look at the gorgeous sweep of those wings!


Kicking K

Posted in response to the Daily Post weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme ‘Names’.

K twiglet (2)

This is not a name, it is a letter, I hear you cry.  I beg to differ. 

For some reason best known to my parents they decided to call me Kaye (with an ‘e’).  It doesn’t matter at all that they decided to call me Kaye (with an ‘e’) because Kaye (with an ‘e’) sounds just like ‘K’.  An initial, a cough of a name.

I’m not a Katy, or Katherine, or Kelly, or Katrina, I’m just Kaye (with an ‘e’). 

You’ll notice that I’m reminding you of the ‘with an e’ bit everytime, that’s because whenever I am asked my name and I say Kaye, people say

‘your full name?’

And I have to say yes, that’s Kaye (with an ‘e’).  ‘K. A. Y. E.’. would be so much easier to have a proper name.

I’ve always wanted a name with more than one syllable. Something nice and musical like Gwendoline, or Isabella.  Nice soft romantic names. Names that don’t sound like they’re just initials.

Nice as they are though, I will never find a twiglet in the shape of those.  And, it’s quite cool to be known by an initial these days I suppose. Look at ‘M’ in James Bond, and of course, don’t tell anyone, but I am one of the Men in Black!