It’s a late morning

Posted in response to the Daily Post weekly photo challenge – last week’s theme ‘Morning’.


Like the white rabbit ‘I’m late, I’m late…’ this was actually last week’s prompt. Oh well, never been one to conform!

Oh and another thing…

It wasn’t taken in the morning.


What can I say… I feel naughty!

It was taken from my position in our hammock whilst waiting for my sausages to cook/cremate.  The ‘morning mist’ filtering through the trees, is actually smoke from the barbeque, but I thought it looked the part.  Oh..

and I added the daisies in for effect…

Otherwise all genuine and my representation of what a morning should be.

Hope all your mornings are sunny and bright x




Back to work

Alarmed, I open gluey eyes
to see the darkness still hangs low
toe by toe then limb by heavy limb
I crawl from cosy warmth
and sit and scratch and stretch and yawn
then drag droopily
down the stairs in slippered feet
to where the kitchen kettle boils
and the radio plays
and all the world seems ready for the day
Except me