When you go

I’ll go to the shore to scream
at the belligerent sea
and the hostile white horses will gallop and rear,
starting at that curious sound.

Or I’ll climb a grey mountain
and wail from the top of that mighty rock
which will tremble and threaten,
and cause distant crowds to run in fear.

Maybe I’ll crawl into the blackest cave
and the echoes of my howls
will wake the foul creatures there
and send them out to scare the innocents.

But most likely I’ll sob
soundless puddles into my pillow,
sending no ripples into the world,
alone and vexing no one.



I watched for more than a moment
re you in my sightline
r was I just staring 

You were taking selfies
head thrown back
glass raised

laughing and grinning
ugging best buddies
you didn’t glance towards the corner 

where I sat sipping
tart Lime soda
that made my teeth sting 

And there amid your festive fun
the decorations
froze my heart 

Especially the mistletoe