when I want to be alone… (wasps not withstanding)

Posted in response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – this week’s theme ‘Happy Place’

Ah, an easy challenge!

This is my go to sulking spot, my ‘I vant to be alone’ spot, my ‘phew… ‘spot, my solitude spot, my snoozing spot.  Also, as you can see, my ‘nice glass of wine’ on a sunny day spot.

The picture is a very poor selfie.. Sorry an’ all, but it’s not that easy taking photos with one hand whilst rocking in a hammock.  And by the way, yes, I was fully clothed, I was wearing shorts, it was a hot day, so apologies for subjecting you to my pearly white pins (I’m a pale English rose..what can I say). Anyhoo, even if I was stark naked no-one could see me, it’s completely secluded, tucked away as it is, at the back of our garden.

Yep, I love our hammock, it is my happy place.  However, it does have a bit of a drawback.  It’s slung between two fruit trees, and you do occasionally get the odd apple falling from a great height on to your head, or worse, your stomach, while you’re ‘resting your eyes’, and of course, the wasps buzz about pretty constantly when the plums are ripening.  Nevertheless, seeing the hammock being strung up in spring, after it’s winter sojourn in the garage, always makes me happy… Summer is a-coming!!

new pics summer 11 042

Fab Friday

I was trying to think of a little bit of fabulousness to share with you today, and I remembered these photos that I took at the Trinidad carnival a few years back.  I admit, they aren’t the greatest photos in the world, but the colour and costumes are pretty darn fab.  I wish I could share the joy, noise, and chaos with you too, it was happily infectious and we had a fantastic win’in’ (fuelled by rum ;-)) day! Happy Fabulous Friday to you!

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