Not Fun, Not Fair #2

Fun house pic


He looked like a gypsy
brooding eyes and
wisps of brown curls.
How could I resist when
He invited me to waltz?

I never expected the spinning
to be so dizzying,
or the music so deafening.
He threw a curveball
And won my heart.

Then bought me candy
that sparkled in the bright lights
of the ferris wheel
where we swung high and saw clear
to our cloudless horizon.

On the rollercoaster of reality
we swooped and sunk,
and screams punctuated
the nauseating motion
Of the not-so-merry go round.

We twirled together
down the helter skelter of life
where only dank earth
waited for our landing.
Entwined, we hit the bottom.

We tried the dodgems
but couldn’t escape
our car crash lives
and ended up in a house of horror.
The dark tunnel of lost love.





Not fun, not fair


He looked like a gypsy.
Brown curls and dark eyes,
small sparkling white teeth.

How could I resist him,
those heartbeats and goosebumps
girly giggles betrayed?

Swept up by the funfair,
bright lights,and promises of
dizzying, dazzling, delights,

eagerly I entered.
It turned out dark and cold.
No nurturing light there.

Only a not-so-merry go-round
Undulating, building speed,
Sickly, spiteful, stopped.