Learn to Fly in Four Easy Steps

After ‘Gravity is the Thing’ by Jaclyn Moriarty

Step 1 – Start small.
Just jump over a small obstacle,
no more than a few inches above the ground.

Maybe you don’t see that as flying
But as long as your feet leave the earth
it’s a start. I wouldn’t recommend flapping
your arms, it draws attention.

It’s mainly the landing you need to master.
Absorb the impact.

Step 2 – Once you have gained confidence
you could try jumping up from a chair.
Now you need more focus, look for the currents.

Watch birds on thermals, see how they
glide, sliding easily through the air, relaxed
and fearless.

You may not think it necessary
to concentrate at this point. After all, jumping
from a chair is child’s play. But beware of uneven ground
it can cause a crash.

Step 3 – Don’t forget to fill your lungs
With good clean air, it will help with lift.

Study the branches of the nearest tree.
See how even the smallest leaves sway
in the merest breeze.
Sway to that same rhythm.

Remember how birthday balloons catch the air and float away.
Imagine how it feels to float and view the earth
from a great height.

Let your arms rise.
Try and touch a cloud.

Step 4 – Now lay on freshly mown grass.
Gaze up at the vastness and fill your senses
With the wonders of the sky.

Close your eyes.
Breathe in freshness
Feel the earth beneath you.
Become aware of the lightness of you.

Let yourself go.



Tobago Feb 06 038

The air is still today
no breeze to carry me

It will take effort to soar
and I am feeble and weak

Yet I take leave of my safety tree
and swoop down

in free fall
forgetting to fly

‘Til instinct kicks in
and clumsily flapping

I turn my head skywards
And spy the blue beyond the clouds

Where thermals wait
To carry me above the clamour

and I will glide unhindered
ethereal and free