How to catch a mouse….gently

Just lately we have had a bit of an invasion or tiny furry friends, which I wouldn’t mind too much, but they are inclined to eat my vegetables (these ones seem particularly partial to sweet potatoes) and electrical wires. They don’t seem to be tremendously toilet trained either…

I’m not one for killing creatures of any sort (nope, not even spiders) and fortunately neither was my dad.  It was him who taught me this humane method of catching mice-es.  I can remember him bringing one of the successful ‘traps’ up to my bedroom when I was quite young to show me the cutest tiny field mouse running around inside.

I believe (never say never) that I have caught all of the current army.. my record was four in one day… and now we seem to be tiny visitor free.  However, I would say that once caught you do need to take them as far away as possible to release them, otherwise they are liable to return to the warm haven of your home.  This was confirmed when one of our teeny friends damaged his tail and we were able to identify him from that twice more.  I think he was a bit gullible!!

Anyhoo…. for those who are as soft as I am, here is my pretty foolproof method for the gentle capture of a mouse:

You will need:

A heavyish bowl

A piece of board – I use an old chopping board

A penny or equivalent coin

Flour and water paste

Chocolate biscuits


Spread a thick flour and water paste on to the back of a piece of chocolate biscuitDSC_0784

Stick the biscuit fairly high up on the side of the bowl – enough so a mouse needs to reach up and tug to get at it!DSC_0783

Turn the bowl upside down on the piece of board and balance the edge underneath the piece of biscuit on the penny. This is a little tricky but you will win with a bit of patience!DSC_0787

The mouse will be able to get in to the bowl without knocking the penny over, but will disturb it as soon as he tries to get at the biscuit and hey presto…..IMG_1153You can then lift the board together with the mouse in the bowl and carry both outside where you can watch your unharmed furry friend scurry safely away!