On the Quay at Fishguard


We sat and stared at the sea
its distant calm expanse
as blue as the sky.
Closer, the kaleidoscope of grey patterns
hid its secret creatures,
as the seaweed danced
to natures rhythm.

Boats slid across the surface,
or, captured by a buoy,
swayed sadly in the wake.
Gulls gossiped and watched
as the crab man came
and unloaded his catch,
startled red within their cages.

Then the ferry loomed,
its bulk altering perspectives
as it steered imperiously to port.


3 thoughts on “On the Quay at Fishguard

  1. Beautifully written! ❤
    I simply loved your descriptions, they were just so vivid! I could see your words come to life right before my eyes…
    Looking forward to reading more from you!

    • Thank you Natalie. I started writing it while we were still sitting there! Only been back home for a couple of days and it already seems an age ago 😏

      • Haha, I know that feeling…
        I’m glad you managed to capture the moment in your words though ❤

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