What’s in the box… I want to believe…


With the return of the X files to our screens this week, I thought it might be a good time to reveal to you what is in this little box  (I’ve put my lens cap next to it to give an idea of size).

My daughter made this in a woodwork class at school when she was about 14 I think.  As I remember, the brief was to make a box with a surprise inside.  As she was a big fan of X Files at the time, she came up with this neat idea.   As you can tell, being meticulous in her work, she could (and still can when she has time and puts her mind to it), produce some pretty impressive results.

So… what’s in the X box…


an alien of course!  Not just any old alien though, he’s a glow in the dark, alien on a spring so he wobbles when you open the lid. It still amuses me!

By the way, what did you think of the first of the new episodes?  I thought it was a bit slow going, but I’m hoping it will pick up speed, and be as entertaining as the last series were soon.

The truth is out there…

3 thoughts on “What’s in the box… I want to believe…

    • Thank you! Yes, I was lucky enough to get a decent Nikon as a retirement present from my job about three years ago. It’s been getting well used since then! Thanks for dropping by. x

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