Posted in response to the challenge by my good bloggy friend Andy (http://andytownend.com/2015/11/02/poetry-101-rehab-father/)  It’s just a bit of a ditty I’m afraid!

I don’t remember laughing
I just remember tears
the shouting and the arguments
the long, estranged, years

As a child you used to tease me
embarrass me and such
you used to think it funny
but I didn’t like it much

You hated all my boyfriends
and you were probably quite right
but you missed out on my milestones
‘cos all we did was fight

We reached an understanding
when my children came along
we’d mellowed in our ageing
and started singing the same song

But then the illness took you
I was there for that at least
and as I watched you as you withered
I was glad we’d made our peace

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