Luscious Words Wednesday

My occasional series of delicious words (ok, I’ve only done it once before so maybe not a series, but I’ve got good intentions…) taken from the Oxford Dictionary.

Luminescence pic

Cheeky glowing fishy photo from Google Images.

My yummy word for today is:


Meaning ‘The emission of light by a substance that has not been heated, as in fluorescence and phosphorescence:’

Say it slowly, and feel how it starts with a pout, has a smile in the middle, and ends with a soft sigh.

Just the idea of something that produces it’s own light is fantastical and mysterious.  It makes me think of deep sea creatures and glow worms (not that I’ve ever seen a glow worm, but I’m sure Disney uses them a lot in his films).

I do know a few people that have a certain glow to them (in a good way, not the ones that work in Sellafield or somesuch, like Homer Simpson) My friend Barbara, who died some years back, and who I miss a great deal, always seemed radiant from within, and had a glorious naughty twinkle in her eye. I wonder if she still keeps her hat on to go to the loo….. ahh..that’s another story..

I’m not sure if I glow. I try and be warm and smiley. I’m probably a bit cheeky, and sometimes I am definitely incandescent with ire, which doesn’t seem to be a good thing. Perhaps it’s something I can work on, or perhaps it’s something some lucky attractive folk are just born with, or perhaps even, it’s not something I should aspire to anyway.  Maybe you can enlighten me!

One thought on “Luscious Words Wednesday

  1. Taking a night hike (without flashlights or torches, but just by the light of the moon) in the Shawnee National Forest revealed more bio-luminescent creatures than I ever imagined living in southern Illinois. Not big ones, but tiny crawling slugs leaving shimmery trails and lots of lightning bugs or fireflies. Maybe more of us are luminous than we realize!

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