In response to the weekly photo challenge – this weeks theme ‘shadowed’

A couple of photos for you here. First is a nice sensible one of my daughter shaded from the bright sun by the fall of her hair, and the second is a daft snap of me modelling the hat that I wore when we were lucky enough to be invited by the Queen to a garden party at Buckingham Palace a few years ago.  On the invitation it stated that headwear was compulsory for ladies, so I took the opportunity to get the biggest, pinkest hat I could find and it certainly kept the sun off my face!  To be honest, I was more excited about wearing the hat than going to the party I think.  Still we had a fab time and felt very posh indeed.

I might do something a bit more arty farty for you if and when there is any light – it’s really gloomy and grey this morning, hope it’s better where you are! 🙂DSC_0022

pond life 019

3 thoughts on “Shadowed

    • Oh yes, she Invites a couple of thousand people at a time about three times a year (I don’t think she makes all the sandwiches herself 😉) so it’s not that exclusive, but still quite exciting for us. we got invited through my husbands work with a health board.

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