Sun and sarongs

It’s so cold and drizzly here today that I’ve been dreaming of holidays past.

I have this first picture framed in my living room because it evokes the wonderful holiday we had in Tobago a few years back. The lady in the picture was a permanent resident of the beach where we stayed, and we got to know her a bit.  She said she had always wanted to come to England to experience a train ride, and see snow!  She obviously didn’t know of the horrors of travelling by British Rail, or how the whole country grinds to a halt when there is even the slightest hint of snow on the ground!

The second one was taken on deserted beach that was only reachable by boat.  We’d waded through the warm, still, and clear, azure sea to get to it, and just threw our sarongs over the branches to dry while we toasted ourselves on the sand and waited for our guides to cook freshly caught fish on a makeshift barbeque. It was completely idyllic, and just thinking about it warms me up!

Hope you are all keeping safe and warm.

Tobago Feb 06 018 Tobago Feb 06 124

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