This is in response to the thought provoking weekly writing challenge ‘In The Beginning’  Ok, I cheated a bit as this is an old poem, but I hadn’t published it on here before and I guess it’s not a total re-invention of the creation story exactly, but I think it will just about fit the bill.  What do you think?

Lets braid our hair with flowers
And dip our toes in spring
Lets throw our leaves into the wind
And feel warm zephyrs on our skin

Lets get drunk on our hot breath
lie in long grass ‘neath the tree
and sink our teeth in blushing fruit
Then you can wipe the juice from me

lets crush the daises in the grass
ignore the serpent there
we’ll caress the earth below us
With our bodies bare

Don’t be coy now, take my hand
New pleasures we will seek
I’ll guide you to the brightest light
And in rapture we will sleep

3 thoughts on “Temptation

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