Wouldn’t Chips be Good?

IMG_0223So, it’s going to become a requirement for all dog owners to have their furry friend microchipped.  Quite right too. Our dog was chipped when we got her from the RSPCA and knowing how barmy she is, it’s comforting to know that if she manages to get herself completely lost, she’s got a chance of getting back to us.  But I’ll bet there are a lot of folk out there who are whinging about it nonetheless.

Actually, it’s made me wonder how far off we are from us humans being micro-chipped. Sounds a bit radical doesn’t it? But, surely its going that way.

Now, a lot of people in this country are completely opposed to identity cards. I can’t see the problem really – I already carry a photo driving licence with me, and lets face it, with our use of credit and debit cards ‘big brother’ abounds.  ‘They’ can already see the last time I bought loo roll, where I bought it, and how much I paid.  There are cameras on every corner in town (for all the good they do) and they can even be used to shout at people if they espy any one misbehaving.

Yep, we’re all monitored.  Get over it, it’s only going to get worse.  I actually don’t mind at all.  I’ve nothing to hide and have a clean conscience.  I think a micro-chip in my arm might be a jolly good idea really.

I could carry all my medical records around with me in safety.  All the fuss that is currently being made about on-line records would be solved.  Ambulance crews could carry a scanner and they’d instantly know my blood type and any drugs I’m taking.  Bob’s yer uncle.

We wouldn’t need to carry our credit cards we could pay with a wave of our arm – no fear of anyone pinching my pin!

My house would be fitted with ‘home scanners’ so that any uninvited guests would be scanned and their details recorded. If I had my way, they’d automatically get tazered big time at the same time. That’d teach the buggers. (you may guess from this that I’ve been burgled once or twice and have some serious security neuroses).

We wouldn’t need keys or pin numbers or passports – all those things we forget so regularly.  It’d be great!

Ok, so I’m on a flight of fancy. I might be going a bit far and it certainly won’t happen in my lifetime.  Maybe one day though.  So if you’re a rogue or a villain reading this, you’d better mend your ways a bit sharpish matey!!

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