Fun, fun, fun!

Anyone can make up a word.  Children do it all the time. For instance, the five year old Fabulous Ms V entertained us with her variations on ‘poo’ on Saturday. The trick, however, is to get them into wider use. To worm them into other people’s everyday vocabulary.  In fact, one of my more recent new year’s resolutions was to get one of my own made-up words into the Oxford English Dictionary.  Needless to say I have not yet achieved that particular goal.

Actually, 58 years worth of new year’s resolutions and I can only think of one that I’ve managed to keep to, and that was recycling wine bottles, which, frankly I should have been doing anyway.

This year’s, though, is a goer.  I’m sure it is.  Can’t go wrong. This year’s resolution (insert your own drum-roll here) is….

To have fun at every available opportunity.

There, I’ve said it.  Written in black and white and sent into the ether.  Everyone knows.  I’ll just have to keep to it.  None of that whining, misery, or cat-bum-mouthed sulking for me this year.  Oh no, just fun all the way.

I did consider the option of

Not being lazy

But that seemed a little out of reach.  A lot out of reach if I’m honest.

I did wonder about

doing something good every day

That also seemed a little unattainable.  Neither do I want to be seen as one of those po-faced do-gooders.

No, I think  I’m on to a winner with the fun thing.  And actually, it doesn’t have to be partying or going on roller-coasters (though any excuse for either is good), sometimes being a right old misery and having a good ol’ sulk can be fun  too.  Yep, I can do that.  Yep, its a winner.

May all your resolutions be as stickable-to.  Happy New Year!

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