Dog brain

ImageAnother perk of being at home so much is spending more time with my little dog, Suki.  The thing about dogs is that they are joyful.  Practically all the time.  She had to spend this last weekend in the kennels, which she’s not so keen on, but happily joins in with the other inmates, her bark, as recognisable as my baby’s to me, as I drive off.

She was a rescue dog and has ‘issues’, particularly with other dogs, but despite her problems, she is a happy sort, and her favourite thing is, without a doubt, running.  Running, running, running.  Like the wind.  Her paws barely touching the ground, she is off like a bullet as I release her from her lead.  Huge circles round the fields, hareing back, tongue lolling, cheekily knocking my legs as she does a handbreak turn halt when I whistle for her.  It looks like there are no thoughts in her head at all, she’s just enjoying the sensation of running.  She has an enviable zest for life, a joie de vivre that I can only dream of.

Nothing is ever an effort.  She’s up with the lark, waggy tailed, and ready to run in the garden before my eyes are even open.  She is inquisitive, and will investigate every small thing she finds with the same happy curiosity whether it be a bit of carelessly dropped veg in the kitchen, or an ant wandering across the patio. She loves learning, and seems as pleased as I am that she can understand me when she finally gets the hang of a new trick.

Perhaps we could all do with a little of that doggy attitude. Making the most of those times when we can just do our own thing, taking pleasure in the small things, and actively enjoy picking up new skills.

I can just feel my joie-de-vivre seeping back already!

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